Web version | Dezembro 2022
Hyphenated EC-Raman Webinar
Dear Mrs./Ms. ,
Are you working in the field of batteries, electrocatalysis, or corrosion?
Metrohm's hyphenated EC-Raman spectroscopy solution is a powerful tool that can add another dimension to your research, and shine a unique light on the electrode-electrolyte interface.
We invite you to find out more at our upcoming webinar Hyphenated Electrochemical-Raman Spectroscopy: another dimension for your research. Two sessions will be held (1000 and 1500 CEST) on Wednesday, September 7 and you can register using the link below.
The webinar will be presented by Dr Thomas Touzalin product and area manager for Metrohm Autolab. Dr Touzalin obtained his PhD in electrochemistry at the Sorbonne University (Paris, France) in 2018 where he studied electrochemical interfaces at the nanoscale with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
Hyphenated EC-Raman synchronizes electrochemical measurements with in-situ Raman spectra acquisition giving you simultaneous structural and functional information about materials in action. Join us to find out how it can expand your research possiblities.
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