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Metrohm DropSens News
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Each newsletter is a challenge to provide you with valuable information, so we always have our batteries charged and ready to keep you up to date with the state of the art in electrochemistry.
This month we are releasing a new screen-printed electrode (SPE) for glucose detection and we are also publishing a useful brochure dedicated to spectroelectrochemical applications.
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Screen-Printed Electrodes for wide linear-range Glucose Detection
Ref. GLU10HC
A new SPE for the determination of Glucose in liquid samples will be added to Metrohm DropSens catalogue. Ref. GLU10HC, in comparison with the already available ref. GLU10 SPE, allows measurement of higher concentrations of glucose from 2.5 mM.
Ref. GLU10HC SPEs come with a calibration curve and individually packaged.
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Working with coin-cell batteries?
Discover the µStat-i MultiX
Testing up to 16 coin-cell batteries at the same time is no longer a challenge thanks to µStat-i MultiX. Save time, automatize your processes by easily programming charge/discharge cycles or running automatically EIS before and after the battery cycling!.
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Spectroelectrochemistry: Applications Book
According to the spectral region, different information can be gathered from the spectroelectrochemical (SEC) data. For this reason, spectroelectrochemistry opens the door to the development of new applications in many different fields providing information not evaluated before. This brochure, that contains the most relevant SEC applications, and the SPELEC line of instruments will be the perfect approach if your are looking to expand the horizons of your research with spectroelectrochemistry.