Web version | April 2024
Overcoming the challenges of developing an electrochemical (bio)sensor
Dear Researcher,
We would like to invite you to this free online webinar where practical knowledge will be readily applied to your research. Guiding you through the intricate process of electrochemical (bio)sensor development, we will clarify the critical decision points in each stage.
Key learnings:
Definition of recognition element
Selection of materials and electrochemical techniques
Immobilization strategies
Optimization and characterization procedures
Date: Thursday 9th May, 2024
Speaker: Dr. María Begoña González García
Duration: 1 hour
Two sessions are available on the same day to accommodate to your availability:
Register at 9 a. m.  CEST
Register at 4 p. m.  CEST
Whether you are an experienced researcher in electrochemical (bio)sensors or are venturing into this field for the first time, do not miss this webinar useful to all levels of expertise!