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NewsletterMarch 2019
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The latest issue of our newsletter is once again packed full of useful information. Find out all there is to know about product innovations and product information and find a wealth of expert knowledge directly from practice.
But we would also like to inform you of the latest developments in our company: There have been changes in our management team. Since 1 February 2019, Jochen Hintze (61) has been responsible for resort management for Controlling/Pricing & Market Intelligence, Logistics and IT. He has succeeded Stefan Ives, who has switched to the Defence division after 16 years as part of the management team in the Rheinmetall Group.
Hansjörg Rölle (61) left the company on 31/12/2018. He managed MS Motorservice International GmbH from 2002, until Tobias Kasperlik (57) 2016 took over as chairman of the board. Up until his departure from the company, Rölle was responsible for the resorts Sales and Marketing.
These divisions have been taken over by Régis Serrano (50) in the function of Senior Vice President Sales with effect from 1 January 2019. Serrano was head of the French subsidiary MS Motorservice France S.A.S from 2007 and was also Vice President Sales for MS Motorservice International GmbH in Europe from 2016.
Learn everything about many other topics. Happy reading.
Your Motorservice Team
Sven Zeitler

Senior Manager Marketing

Table of contents
Productnews Kolbenschmidt
Productnews TRW Engine Components
New: Pistons and connecting rods for 1.8 TFSI and TSI engines
Productnews Pierburg
Warning: Repair kit for the variable intake manifold Mercedes M272 faulty
Productnews BF
Over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube!
Plagiarius 2019: the mock award for the most brazen counterfeits
New: Products in Focus
News from Kolbenschmidt and TRW Engine Components
Productnews Kolbenschmidt
With the Kolbenschmidt new products 02/2019 we would like to inform you about new products that have been added to our range in the last 2 months.
Kolbenschmidt productnews 02/2019 - Passenger Cars
Kolbenschmidt productnews 02/2019 - Commercial Vehicles
Productnews TRW Engine Components
With the TRW Engine Components new products 02/2019 we would like to inform you about new products that have been added to our range in the last 2 months.
TRW Engine Components productnews 02/2019 - Passenger Cars
TRW Engine Components productnews 02/2019 - Commercial Vehicles
New: Pistons and connecting rods for 1.8 TFSI and TSI engines
The pistons for 1.8 TFSI and TSI engines have been improved in series production and are now equipped with modified oil control rings, as well as a DLC bolt. When replacing old pistons, it is advisable to also change the connecting rods, as the diameter of the pistons has changed as a result of the modification. Find out more here.
Download - PI 1857
News from Pierburg
Productnews Pierburg
All new product additions from the last 2 months are attached to the productnews 02/2019 Pierburg. This contains the new item numbers with product images in colour, the OEM equivalent numbers and a vehicle allocation overview.
Pierburg productnews 02/2019 - Passenger Cars
Pierburg productnews 02/2019 - Commercial Vehicles
Warning: Repair kit for the variable intake manifold Mercedes M272 faulty
Is there a fault with the Mercedes M272 variable intake manifold? A repair kit is available for this. But is it worthwhile to use it and does it achieve the desired result? We say a clear “no” to this makeshift solution. Find out why here.
Download - PI 1839
News from BF
Productnews BF
In the enclosed BF new products 02/2019, we inform you about products which have been added to our range in the last two months.
BF productnews 02/2019 - Commercial Vehicles
News from Motorservice
Over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube!
Since 2012, we have been providing a wealth of useful information relating to the engine on our YouTube channel! After over 5 million views and over 300 videos, we recently reached 20,000 subscribers! We would like to thank you for your interest and look forward to providing useful information relating to all aspects of the engine in the future. Click here to access the YouTube channel.
Plagiarius 2019: the mock award for the most brazen counterfeits
The Plagiarius award was presented on 8 February 2019 at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. This mock award is given to the ten most shameless counterfeits from the past year. One of the "winners" was a Chinese counterfeit model of the CWA 200 coolant pump from Pierburg. This pump is successfully offered on the independent aftermarket by its sister company Motorservice.
Find out more here.
New: Products in Focus
We have completely revised our "Products in Focus". Featuring films, animations and numerous interactive elements, you can find out everything you need to know about our product range across more than 330 pages.
You can find them on the internet here: Products in Focus
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