Dear customers,
the Corona Virus COVID-19 has the world under control. We are all affected and concerned. Maintenance of hygienic standards is more important than ever, including frequent hand washing and disinfection.
You are all informed about the great demand for disinfectants from the news and newspapers. In many places, disinfectants are sold out.
In the current situation we see the importance of natural sciences. We can benefit from our knowledge of chemistry, apply our knowledge and contribute to greater protection.
Online you will find instructions from the WHO for the production of disinfectants.
Our PHYWE chemists have looked at the prescription* and made some minor adjustments*. Here is our proposal:
What you need:
  • 750 ml 2-propanol (isopropanol)
  • 15 ml glycerine
  • 200 ml distilled water
  • 5 ml lemon oil
    How to prepare:
    Fill 750 ml 2-propanol (isopropanol) into a 2L beaker. Add 15 ml glycerine and stir, add 200 ml water. Drop lemon oil into the solution - depending on your preferences up to about 5 ml. Last but not least, fill in flasks.
    Maybe you have the possibility to produce the disinfectant yourself in your school, university or laboratory. We would be pleased to receive your feedback.
    We are here for you and available! Send us an e-mail or contact our sales staff.
    Take care of yourself and stay healthy and optimistic.
    Best regards
    Your PHYWE distribution team
    * The manufacturing process is based on WHO recommendations. In general, the production should only be carried out by competent persons, e.g. Pharmacists.
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