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is there anything better than a summer vacation? But also this time is passing and the new school year with a lot of school activities is definitely coming. This week we are offering you the PHYWE Topseller.
Whether for physics, chemistry or biology lessons - there is something for everyone here. Let us surprise you with our discount prices.
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Special offer valid from 28.08. to 24.09.2019
For physics lessons:
Student set Optics 1 including light box, TESS advanced Physics
Item no.: 15276-88 
•  Complete equipment set for 1 group of 2-4 students
•  To perform 36 experiments about the following topics:Propagation of light, Mirrors, Refraction, Lenses, Colours , The human eye
List price: €189.80
From 8 units: €149.00
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Student set Electricity / Electronics 1 with Building Blocks, TESS advanced Physics
Item no.: 15264-88 
•  Complete equipment set for 1 group of 2-4 students
•  Basic set: expandable with 2 additional extension sets
•  To perform 28 experiments about the following topics: Electric Circuits, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Work and Power, Tranformation of Energy, Electrochemistry, Safe Working with Electrical Energy, Sensors
•  The circuits are assembled directly on student's desk and the safe electric contact is guaranteed by the use of a unique puzzle block system with corrosion-free gold plated contacts. No breadboard is required
List price: €596.90
From 8 units: €499.00
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For biology and chemistry lessons:
OPTIKA Binocular Stereomicroscope ST-30FX
Item no.: OPT-ST-30FX 
•  Classic binocular stereomicroscope equipped with turnable objective
•  Pillar stand, and incredibly bright and uniform LED illumination (transmitted and incident)
•  Eyepieces: WF 10x/20 mm, secured by screw, with rubber cups
•  Objective: Achromatic 2x-4x with anti-fungus treatment
List price: €150.00
From 8 units: €129.00
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Student molecular model kit, inorganic / organic chemistry
Item no.: 39832-00 
This molecular model construction kit for students is the best choice for both inorganic and organic chemistry classes. It contains all needed elements and connections for ball-and-stick models of organic and inorganic standard molecules.
List price: €44.85
Special price: €41.00
From 8 units: €35.00
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Protecting glasses,
clear glass
Item no.: 39316-00 
Safety glasses with dark green frame and black plastic parts to the joint adjustment of the bracket length and inclination for the exact seat. Plastic washers according to DIN can be changed if necessary.
List price: €5.60
Special price: €5.20
From 8 units: €4.90
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For STEM lessons:
Lego® Education -
Science and Technology
Item no.: LEGO-NWT 
•  Lego Education's science and technology set is the ideal solution for your STEM lessons in grades 5 through 9
•  The set contains materials and instructions to build 37 basic models and 14 functional models
List price: €176.00
From 8 units: €159.00
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Mechanics 2.0
Item no.: FIS-538423 
•  Complete equipment set for 1 group of 2-4 students
•  30 models of different difficulty levels
•  Ideal for STEM education / classes: From fundamental questions from the world of mechanics to structural engineering, for example "How do you build a stable bridge"
•  Incl. assembly instruction and didactic activity booklet
List price: €93.00
From 8 units: €79.00
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mBot robot, Bluetooth/PC
Item no.: MAK-MBOT 
•  The Robot for Robotics and Computer science lessons
•  Coding for beginners: Control with iOS or Android App
•  Graphical programming with Scratch or text based with Arduino IDE
•  Fast assembly thanks to all-in-one design (max. 10 min.)
•  Includes 2 sensors (ultrasound sensor, light sensor)
List price: €89.00
From 8 units: €74.00
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Arduino Coding set, Brick'R'knowledge
Item no.: BRK-125697 
•  For Vocational schools and Computer science lessons in high schools
•  Physical computing with analog circuits and digital applications
•  Variable, expandable plug-in system
•  Coding with text-based Arduino IDE
•  With detailed manual
List price: €167.00
From 8 units: €149.00
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Special prices are valid only until September 24th, 2019.
For further information please contact our PHYWE Distribution team: distribution@ phywe. de. 

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