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Envelopes, labels, tickets, photo papers, advertising displays, wallpapers: Digital printing media are part of our daily lives. In almost all applications the Know-How of SIHL is involved. Experience some personal eye-openers by taking a journey through your everyday life with our new video!
An all-rounder with charm is the SIHL MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper. Travel photographer Yasuo Maeda explains why in an interview about his current work.
For all its versatility and product quality, SIHL is also completely fair and sustainable. This is confirmed by our renewed EcoVadis CSR rating, which highlights the environment, working conditions & human rights, fair business practices and sustainable sourcing in companies.
More details are available in our news, we hope you enjoy reading and watching!
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Melanie Lubetz
Marketing & Communication
Digitally printable media

Explanatory film about Sihl’s digitally printable media

Products and their applications are shown in detail in the new Sihl film, with easy-to-understand illustrations. This should eliminate any barriers to understanding. Sihl is ubiquitous when it comes to print media. That much is evident to the businessman Mr Guse, who comes across Sihl time and time again while living a normal life.
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CSR Rating
Sihl receives silver medal again in CSR rating
Sihl receives silver medal
again in CSR rating
Sihl GmbH was awarded a silver medal in the EcoVadis CSR rating for the second time in July 2018. EcoVadis has set itself the goal of improving environmental and social practices through the systematic use of global supply chains. The silver medal is confirmation of the importance that Sihl attaches to social responsibility, with sustainability being a central pillar of its corporate strategy and an important success factor.
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‘Life is fun’ printed on SIHL MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper – An interview with Yasuo Maeda, travel photographer

„Life is fun“ – An interview with Yasuo Maeda, travel photographer

If he isn’t working at his event and design company, he’s pursuing his passion for travel. Yasuo Maeda captures the atmosphere and sensations of everywhere he goes with his camera. His favourite places to visit are European cities, which can be seen in his most recent work, „Life is fun“.
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