Silca News Bulletin
Silca News Bulletin 11/2019 | Date: 19.11.2019
New software modules have increased the Smart Pro programming capability to include Ford®, Chrysler® and VAG® vehicles; four new references, covering Ford®, Opel® and Jeep® models have been added to the Silca proximity and remote car key range; a new version of Silca Key Programs has been released to improve compatibility with the most recent Windows® operating systems: discover this, and more, in the November issue of the Silca News Bulletin, now available online on all Silca websites.
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Table of contents
»Software ADS2292
»Software ADS2291
»Software ADS2269
»Remote Car Keys for Ford®
»Remote Car Key for Opel®
»Proximity Key for Jeep®
»Silca Key Programs Pro
Automotive Software
Software for VAG® MQB ADS2292
The ADS2292 software for VAG® programs bladed keys for numerous Audi®, Seat®, Škoda® and Volkswagen® models from the popular MQB platform. The software bypasses the security pincode during the procedure, programs remote and transponder at the same time, and requires a working key and the Smart Aerial.
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Software for Chrysler® ADS2291
The ADS2291 key programming software for Chrysler® programs proximity keys for certain Dodge® and Maserati® models. All the keys and remotes stored will be erased before programming new ones. The use of the additional cable ADC2011 or ADC2012 is necessary to complete the procedure.
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Software Update for Ford® ADS2269
The ADS2269 software update provides the first solution worldwide to program both bladed and proximity keys for the most recent Ford® models even when the alarm is active and in the situation of lost keys. The software includes an add key function and requires the Smart Pro to be connected to the internet.
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New Vehicle Keys
Remote Car Key for Ford®
Silca Remote Car Keys for Ford®
The two references FO21R10 and HU101R10 allow you to duplicate remote car keys for Ford®. They feature three function buttons, cover popular cars such as the Fiesta, the Focus and the Mondeo, and have two different key profiles.
Remote Car Key for Opel®
Silca Remote Car Key for Opel®
The new reference HU100AR02 for duplicating Opel® remote car keys has two function buttons and is supplied ready-to-program with the PCB, transponder and flip blade included. It is compatible with the popular Opel® Astra and Zafira.
Proximity Key for Jeep®
Silca Proximity Key for Jeep®
With the new reference CY24P21 you will be able to duplicate Jeep® proximity keys for the Cherokee from 2014 to 2019. It has three function buttons (lock, unlock, red panic button) and includes an emergency blade.
Please note that these keys will be available from the end of November
Software for Key Cutting Machines
Silca Key Programs PRO
Silca Key Programs Pro
For technical reasons, the SKP program has been revised and now has a new database engine, which is more compatible with recent Windows® operating systems.
From now on, only the Silca Key Programs PRO will be updated with new functions and lock systems, while SKP will no longer be refreshed or upgraded.
Customers who subscribed in 2019 will receive the SKP PRO program on DVD.