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The facts about climate change have been on the table for quite some time now, and not just since the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came out. The pressure being put on politicians, business, and society to take action is increasing, and the logistics sector in particular must make a significant contribution.
But how can climate protection targets be transformed into sustainable products, services, and supply chains? After spending ten years at ETH Zurich, as of September I have been researching and teaching on corporate sustainability at the KLU Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS). Do you have any questions about this? Reach out to me and join us on campus on November 18 when, after the COP26, we discuss climate-neutral logistics with international experts.
In March 2022, we will be launching our part-time certificate program Sustainable Management and Operations (SuMO). The SuMO program offers all those involved in the sustainable transformation of their company practical knowledge for this undertaking. We are now accepting applications, so find out more here.
Other topics in this edition include: the new KLU Research Center for Humanitarian Logistics (CHORD), an innovative ranking for economics, and urban mobility as the event series Future Lab Mobility Forum is shipping out while the ITS World Congress is moving in – with KLU participation.
Wishing you a healthy fall,
Prof. Dr. Johannes Meuer
Associate Professor for Sustainable Operations,
Co-Director Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS)
Guest Editor
PS: How are Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris shaping urban mobility of tomorrow? Discuss with us this Thursday at the Future Lab Mobility Forum – and i.e. learn from our guest from Vienna, which small but significant change is needed there. Join us as a guest, too - either online or on campus.
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. . . with Gabriele Maurer, Jungheinrich AG
Hamburg-based Jungheinrich AG, a listed intralogistics provider, is among the most sustainable 2% of all companies in the mechanical engineering sector. Next goal—climate neutrality. As Head of Sustainability and Environment, engineer Gabriele Maurer knows the way forward, but is also aware of the difficulties along the way. Read the interview . . .
New KLU Research Center for Humanitarian Logistics (CHORD)
international colleagues
KLU and the Swiss NGO HELP Logistics AG have combined their expertise in humanitarian logistics and regional development. The new research center CHORD integrates research and teaching of the highest caliber with consulting and training services for international aid organizations. Their focus lies on disaster risk reduction, resilience, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and health, and sustainability. Read more …
Urban Mobility: KLU at the ITS World Congress
Logo ITS
KLU has been invited to the ITS World Congress for Intelligent Mobility and Connected Transport. A team of researchers will present its findings on emission-free logistics in the city. An algorithm can find the most effective route for electric transporters. In addition, KLU Boot Camp participants from the ITS Young Mobility Community will present their case studies with our partners IBM, Jenoptik, Hamburger Hochbahn and Egis. Read more . . .
AI for Mobility and Logistics: Boot Camp with IBM
Group picture participants
How can automatic image recognition technologies make mobility and logistics smarter? That was the central question of the three-day boot camp held with international students in September. Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Jenoptik AG and Egis brought along exciting use cases that the students worked on in teams. IBM served as technology partner. The best ideas will be presented at the ITS World Congress. Check out the cases . . .
African Center of Excellence in Progress
KLU building
Along with our partners the University of Nairobi in Kenya and the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and support from the Swiss-based Kühne Foundation, Kühne Logistics University is developing an African Center of Excellence for Sustainable Business (resource management and food supply). The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is funding the project with 2.2 million euros over five years. Read more . . .
Fab City: A City Where You Can Make (Almost) Anything Yourself
University Presidents KLU and HSU
Large cities that are completely self-sufficient as part of a circular economy—this is the vision Kühne Logistics University is researching as a new project partner of Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg (HSU) and other Hamburg-based universities in the "Fab City" project. In its sub-project, KLU is investigating how this will affect logistics and supply chains. Read more . . .
CV Book: KLU Talents for your Business
Big letters showing 'Classes of 2021'
Are you looking for highly educated and enthusiastic people for your team? Discover the KLU graduates from our bachelor’s, master’s and MBA programs in logistics, management and leadership. The new KLU CV Book showcases graduates representing 24 nationalities from five continents and speakers of 41 languages, proving their diversity is our strength . We are proud of our graduates and wish the Class of 2021 all the best for their future! Get to know our KLU talents . . .
Four New Faculty Members
As it embarks on its second decade, KLU is continuing to grow and develop in the areas of research, teaching, and continuing education. This is also reflected in the most recent faculty appointments. We are welcoming four new professors for entrepreneurial sustainability, maritime logistics, finance and quantitative methods. What is it that everyone should really know about these research areas? That is exactly what they told us. Read more . . .
KLU Professor Develops Ranking Portal: More Sovereignity for Researchers
sujet motiv
Get out of the ranking trap! An innovative and customizable publication ranking called P-Rank developed by Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel is now available for economics. Researchers can choose the ranking criteria so that the results fit their publication strategy. The aim is to give researchers more sovereignty over the evaluation of their research performance. Read more . . .
Smart Household Appliances: When the Coffee Machine Orders New Beans
As part of the smart home movement, another trend is emerging among private households—smart household appliances that automatically replenish consumables. Reminiscent of “smart home”, "smart replenishment” may well be on its way to establishing itself as a new household name. What opportunities and risks do companies face? To find out more on the answers, check out this KLU study . . .
KLU Best Dissertation Award for Dr. Benjamin Korman
Dr. Benjamin Korman
Dr. Benjamin Korman has received the KLU Best Dissertation Award donated by the Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation for his dissertation. His research focuses on leadership, in particular social comparison processes and paradoxical behavior in the workplace, as well as the evolutionary foundations of emotions. More about his research . . .
Andreas Jansen
Dr. Korman accepted the award at the graduation ceremony on September 17. What does the Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation stand for and why does it fit in so well with KLU? Andreas Jansen, Chairman of the foundation's Board of Management is giving the answer in the video above. Read more . . .
Certificate Program Sustainable Management & Operations (Apply Now)
Language: English
Date: March 2022
As an expert or manager, are you steering the sustainable transformation of your company? Do you have the task of developing sustainable solutions for services and projects? Our new part-time certificate program SuMO (Sustainable Management and Operations) offers the unique opportunity to acquire the conceptual basics of sustainable management in a flexible and efficient way. It is specific, practical, and based on current research. We are now receiving applications. Find out more . . .
Master Class Sales Strategies
Language: English
Date: November 3-5, 2021
With an end to the pandemic (seemingly) in sight, new questions arise. What has fundamentally changed in the markets and business models? Now is the time for new ideas and measures that increase sales and profitability, and expand the customer base. KLU EE is providing impetus here in its new masterclass for sales strategies, which is specifically geared to the needs of the logistics industry. Register now!
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“Unexampled”: Lunch Talks on the Future of Work (September 30, 2021)
What new ideas and experience are there about the future of work, and what do these mean for companies, employees, and the self-employed? Professors Prisca Brosi and Niels Van Quaquebeke are inviting speakers to digital lunch events at the end of September. The title of the series is "Unexampled: A series of lectures on new approaches to work". Register now . . .
Language: English
Date: Ongoing until September 30, 1-2p.m. CEST
Forum FutureLab Mobility: Learning from Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris (September 30, 2021)
Astronaut in a convertible
How are Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris shaping urban mobility of tomorrow? This is the subject of the 5th and final installment of our FutureLab Mobility series in cooperation with the Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (DVZ). What is the significance of "urban mobility change" for our European neighbors and what can we learn from them? This will be a hybrid event with an opportunity for networking on campus. Register now . . .
Language: English
Date: September 30, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
KLU@International Supply Chain Conference, BVL (October 20-22, 2021)
Prof. Hanno Friedrich will speak about startups in logistics in the session "Quo vadis? Platform Economy as Part of the New Economy" (Oct. 20, 4:00-5:30 p.m.). KLU Executive Education will provide information about KLU continuing education programs in the exhibition area, and Prof. Moritz Petersen, Research Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) will speak about the focus on sustainability (Oct. 21, 11 a.m.). Pre-Event: KLU President Prof. Thomas Strothotte moderates "News from the Think Tanks of Logistics" in pitch format (Oct. 15, 4-6 p.m.). The congress will be a hybrid event. Register now . . .
Language: German
Dates: October 20-22, 2021
KLU Research Center Hosts Sustainability Conference (November 18, 2021)
The KLU Research Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) is opening up it’s public discourse between practitioners and the scientific community in the international conference "Climate-Neutral Logistics after COP26 - Strategies for the Next Decade". Subscribe to get more information soon.
Language: English
Date: November 18, 2021
Here you will find a selection of media contributions featuring KLU experts.
Die Welt, Aug. 24, 2021 // Zwei Fahrer pro Lkw? Das steckt hinter der Idee (Two Drivers Per Truck? Here’s What’s Behind That Idea)
Handelsblatt, Aug. 23, 2021 // Experte über Fragen zu guter Unternehmensführung: „Die meisten Managerbewertungen sind Quatsch“ (Expert On Good Management Issues: "Most Manager Evaluations Are Garbage".) (Paywall)
Hamburger Abendblatt, Aug. 18, 2021 // Immer mehr Schiffe nutzen wieder Windkraft (More and More Ships Using Wind Power Again) (Paywall)
Handelsblatt, Jul. 13, 2021 // Rivalisierende deutsche Nordseehäfen kämpfen gegen den Niedergang – und könnten fusionieren (Rival German North Sea Ports Fight Decline – And Face Possible Merger) (Paywall)
BBC Podcast, Jul. 26, 2021 // Can shipping fix its climate problem?
Hamburger Abendblatt, Jul. 2, 2021 // Wenn der Kaffeeautomat selbst Kapseln bestellt (When The Coffee Machine Replenishes Itself)
SWR Wissen Podcast, Jun.17, 2021 // Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz – Warum sich viele so hilflos fühlen (Bullying at Work – Why Many Feel So Helpless)
Deutsche Verkehrszeitung DVZ, Jun. 4, 2021 // KLU-Absolventin gewinnt Young Professionals‘ Award Logistics 2021 (KLU Grad Wins Young Professionals’ Award Logistics 2021) (Paywall)
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