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Just suppose your superior ignores your emails, yells at you, or makes jokes at your expense. What would you do? You probably wouldn’t help with this person’s next presentation. However, according to the new study my colleague Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke and I did on abusive supervision, this is precisely what many people do. You can read about the dangers this poses for companies and what they can do about it in this newsletter. Do you have a leadership issue in your company? Write to me for support.
Also in this issue, you can join us as we look back on the virtual KLU Logistics Innovators Day. With more than 1,000 registered participants from around the world, outstanding practicioners from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America reported on how COVID-19 has impacted their business models.
Further topics in this newsletter include: two studies on climate targets in logistics… large companies are on the right track despite crisis, however SMEs in European road freight transport require urgent assistance.
Happy reading,
Christian Tröster, Ph. D. 
Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Guest Editor
PS: The current CHE ranking lists KLU as a top university for graduate studies. Take advantage of the early bird discount for our MBA program in Leadership & SCM.
Interview: KPMG Deutschland || News: KLU Logistics Innovators Day | Abusive Leadership Study | Green Logistics Study 1: Large Companies | Green Logistics Study 2: SMEs | Marketing: Successful B2B Sales | Recommended Reading: Success Factors in Business Studies | Ranking 1: Top Group Research Output | Ranking 2: Hot Spot for Masters’ Studies | HANSEBLOC – Smart Solutions for SMEs | Executive Education: Early Bird MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management | Connect MBA Fair | Supply Chain Finance Seminar | Events: FutureLab Mobility #4: Mobility Revolution Hamburg | Online Course: Introduction to Process Mining || KLU in the Media: selected articles
... with Dr. Steffen Wagner, KPMG Deutschland
KPMG logo
Dr. Steffen Wagner, Global Head of Transport & Leisure at KPMG, has been a loyal asset to the auditing giant for the past 23 years. Especially at this moment in time, transportation is an exciting industry due to its innovative momentum, says Dr. Steffen Wagner. Read the interview . . . 
KLU Logistics Innovators Day
Containers in a port
COVID-19 has kept the world on tenterhooks for a year now. How has the crisis affected the international innovator scene within the logistics industry? Outstanding young logistics innovators from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas came together to answer this question at the virtual KLU Logistics Innovators Day. Nearly 1,000 international guests registered for the event. Read more…
Leadership Study: When Employees Reward Bad Leadership
leader yelling at a colleague
What happens when a manager treats their employees disrespectfully? A leadership study conducted by Prof. Christian Tröster and Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke has shown that employees are sometimes even more willing to help their disrespectful leaders as opposed to those who revere them. The authors have written about the causes and dangers of such toxic dynamics and how companies can avoid these. Read more…
Logistics Study 1: Decarbonization Well On-Track Despite COVID
curvy road in woods seen from above
Are logistics and supply chains “going green”? A new study conducted by the KLU Research Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) together with the European Freight & Logistics Leaders’ Form (F&L) shows that major logistics companies around Europe are tackling decarbonization and, despite COVID-19, are integrating it into their strategic planning. However, for many it is still early in the process. Read more…
Logistics Study 2: SMEs Need Incentives for Reducing Emissions
road in beautiful  nature
Small transport companies need to step up their commitment to green supply chains and require support and incentives to doing so, according to a study by KLU’s Research Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) and the Smart Freight Centre (SFC). SMEs account for 99 percent of companies in European road freight transport and therefore play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions. Read more…
Marketing Expert: Successful B2B Sales Despite COVID
sales manager with headset and laptop
Video chats and elaborate online presentations instead of customer visits. This is what B2B sales look like vis-à-vis the COVID-19 crisis. “Use this period of reorientation for putting your sales department to the test,” recommends KLU professor Sönke Albers. In addition, he offers tips for 2021: calculate the necessary size of your sales force instead of guessing, work “smart” instead of working “hard”, and motivate properly. Read more…
Recommended Reading: Success Factors in Business Studies
book cover
The book (in German): "Success Factors in Business Studies. What studying business does for us and why we need it". Do business studies concepts help companies run more efficiently (even during the COVID crisis)? Prof. Sönke Albers is convinced that we need strong business studies education more than ever before (Co-authors, et al.: Prof. B. Schwenker, Prof. W. Ballwieser, Prof. B.E. Weißenberger, Dr. Dr. Tobias Raffel). Read more…
Research Output: KLU Ranks Top in WirtschaftsWoche Ranking
sujet motiv
According to the current WirtschaftsWoche ranking, KLU is once again among the strongest research universities for business administration in the German-speaking countries. In terms of research productivity, measured by research output per professor, KLU again ranked first among all private universities in German-speaking Europe. Read more. . . 
HANSEBLOC – Smart Solutions for Logistics SMEs
project logo
The HANSEBLOC research and development project for using blockchain in logistics SMEs is coming to an end. The KLU subproject has concluded that blockchain technology possesses great potential. However, suitable organizational framework conditions must be created first. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Interested companies may get involved in follow-up activities. Read more…
CHE-Ranking: Hot Spot for Master’s Studies
In the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) for master’s programs, KLU has once again landed in the top group in Germany. Students were particularly positive regarding the general academic situation, academic relevance, and the support they received by lecturers. The ranking evaluated programs in economics and business administration. Read more. . . 
Early Bird Special: MBA Leadership and Supply Chain Management (Register by February 28)
Language: English
Start: September 2021

Receive a 10% discount on our MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management by registering by February 28, 2021. Applicants without a first degree – but instead other, equivalent qualifications – are also being given the opportunity to train as global leaders in supply chain operations and management in an international environment in this 18-month, part-time program. We offer interactive education opportunities and excellent ties to the business community, especially in the logistics hub Hamburg. Read more…
KLU at Connect MBA Fair
Language: English
April to October, 2021
Learn about our MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management at the MBA fairs hosted by QS Fairs. Rod Franklin, PhD, Professor of Logistics Practice and Academic Director of KLU Executive Education will host a masterclass, providing initial information about the program. Schedule an interview with program manager Lauren Rondestvedt now.
Germany Tour: March 22, 18:30-21:00 CET
Greece Tour: February 23, 17:30-20:00 CET
Supply Chain Finance Seminar
Language: English
May 3-7, 2021

For the first time ever, KLU’s campus in Hamburg will hold a seminar on Supply Chain Finance in cooperation with the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Learn how to deal with supply chain challenges during a global pandemic and find out how to make it more resilient through Financial Management. The program also provides excellent opportunities for networking. Read more…
Future Mobility Lab #4: Mobility Revolution Hamburg (March 25, 4-6pm CET)
The typical Zulamo Astronaut driving his red car into space
The motto for the 4th event of the “Future Mobility Lab” is Hamburg 2030: A Look Back at 10 Years of the Mobility Revolution on the Banks of the Alster and Elbe. Discussion "Prize winning or just praiseworthy?" with Henrik Falk, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Prof. Jörg Knieling, HafenCity Universität Hamburg, and Dr. Anjes Tjarks, Hamburg’s Senator for Transport and Mobility Change. Hosted by KLU and DVZ; sponsored by KPMG. Register here… (website in German)
Still thinking about it? Decide for yourself and check out the Future Mobility Lab #3: Digitization in Urban Commercial Transport (in German):
video screenshot with event title
Online Course: Introduction to Process Mining (May 5-19)
business woman working with big data
Language: English
Process mining can help improve your business processes based on data. KLU professor Dr. Henrik Leopold, who is also an Adjunct Professor at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, and Prof. Dr. Mathias Weske (HPI) are offering a free introductory online course in English in May. Register for A Step-by-Step Introduction to Process Mining…
Here you will find a selection of media reports including experts from KLU.
LogiSym, February 2021 // Searching for Sustainability: Balancing Economics and Environmental Objectives in Logistics
Internationales Verkehrswesen, January 20, 2021 // KLU study: Logistics decarbonization in Europe well underway
Eurasia Review, January 19, 2021 // Despite Corona, Logistics Decarbonization Process in Europe Well Underway
Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, DVZ, January 18, 2021 // Studie: CO2-reduzierende Maßnahmen senken Unternehmenskosten (Paywall)(Study: CO2-Reducing Measures Lower Company Costs)
Ti Insight, January 14, 2021 // Despite Corona, Logistics Decarbonization Process in Europe Well Underway
Motor Transport, January 14, 2021 // Logistics giants urged to collaborate over decarbonisation plans (Paywall)
Bollettino Avvisatore Marittimo (Maritime Advisor Bulletin),December 21, 2020 // Un prima e un dupo (A Before and an After: How digitisation and sustainability will lead to a renaissance of the maritime sector)
Eurotransport, February 11, 2021 // Start-ups denken Logistik neu – Corona beschleunigt Veränderungen (Start-ups rethink logistics – Corona accelerates change)
Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, DVZ, February 5, 2021 // Transport-Start-ups werden in der Krise interessanter (Transport start-ups become more interesting in the crisis)
HAUS 61 Post (Trade Journal for Logistics, Logtech Startups and Digitization), February 4, 2021 // European Startups Are Different (PDF)
Verkehrsrundschau, February 12, 2021// Interview: Welches Szenario erwarten Sie im UK-Verkehr? (What scenario do you expect in UK traffic?)
Eurotransport, January 25, 2021 // Auswirkungen des Brexit: Leere LKW und Verkehrsverlagerung (Effects of Brexit: Empty Trucks and Transport Shifts)
Süddeutsche Zeitung, January 28, 2021 // Flexible Bildungsmodelle: Nah am Leben (Flexible Education Models: Close to Reality)
Handelsblatt, January 17, 2021 // Eine Streitschrift für eine moderne, bessere BWL (Fighting for Better, Modern Business Administration Programs)
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